" just know there’s something dark in me and I hide it. I certainly don’t talk about it, but it’s there always, this Dark Passenger. And when he’s driving, I feel alive, half sick with the thrill of complete wrongness. I don’t fight him, I don’t want to. He’s all I’ve got. Nothing else could love me, not even… especially not me. Or is that just a lie the Dark Passenger tells me? Because lately there are these moments when I feel connected to something else… someone. It’s like the mask is slipping and things… people… who never mattered before are suddenly starting to matter. It scares the hell out of me."
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When I say “boys are dumb” what I really mean is “boys have been raised in a patriarchal society that forces them into an incorrect and problematic view of masculinity that not only forces them to strip away valuable virtues from themselves, like patience and gentleness, but also forces them them to view and treat women in unhealthy ways that devalues women as people and makes them into objects purely for a man’s benefit”

but it’s a lot faster to say “boys are dumb”

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Jennifer Lawrence photographed by C. Kaufman, 2011

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Stephen Colbert’s American tourism advertisement. 

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emilia clarke for instyle uk (april 2014)

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you’re like a magnet. bad shit is gonna find you.

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Yay! I’m so happy for you. :) Keep on smiling.

THANKS ARISU ; o ; I love you bunches girl.

I love you more! <3

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get to know me meme — [1/5] favorite tv shows: lost

↳ “ You see this little hole? This moth’s just about to emerge. It’s in there right now, struggling. It’s digging it’s way through the thick hide of the cocoon. Now, I could help it - take my knife, gently widen the opening, and the moth would be free - but it would be too weak to survive. Struggle is nature’s way of strengthening it.”

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Pacific Rim (2013)

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Does it almost feel like
You’ve been here before?

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Who are you? An old friend.

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"People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn’t see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one." - Marilyn Monroe

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